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The cloud is the future. The cloud’s promise of substantial cost reduction, scalability, speed, accessibility, agility and ease of use are too great for any enterprise to ignore. Why wouldn’t you always want your data on the most up-to-date hardware and software with cutting-edge features, such as automation?

But getting there can be a challenge. Which cloud storage provider is best for your data set?  Should you use one provider or adopt a multi-cloud strategy? Do you really need to migrate everything to the cloud? What’s the best hybrid strategy during this transitionary period? How do I get the most for my money, while ensuring performance and security?

At Vigilant, our consultants can help your enterprise navigate these challenging decisions. So your move from on-prem to the cloud will be successful.

How We Can Help You

Vigilant designs, builds, operates and manages cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle’s enterprise-grade cloud.

As partners with the major public cloud providers, we can provide independent guidance on the best clouds for your enterprise. We can help you evaluate the real price for your workloads, the impact on application performance and more.

When it comes time to migrate, Vigilant can ensure your move goes smoothly. After the move is done, we can also provide managed cloud services to ensure your clouds continue to deliver on their objectives.

What’s more, we can help you develop a cost-effective data management roadmap for the future. Vigilant will work with your team to develop a plan that is smart and cost-effective.

Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle and More

Our ultimate goal is ensuring that your move to the cloud exceeds your business’ expectations.

Hybrid Cloud Expertise

While the cloud may be the future, hybrid infrastructure is the road that will get us all there.

In the near term, a combination of one or more clouds and on-premise data will be used as the cloud market matures, and enterprises migrate more and more data off premise. It’s worth keeping in mind that the first public cloud, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, was only launched in 2016, and it took several years before a competitor responded. So while many companies have begun to move to the cloud, many more are just beginning their journey.

For now, that means more hybrid environments and work managing integrations between them, an area where Vigilant has substantial expertise.

In the near term, we’ll also see more use of “hybrid clouds,” a specific computing environment that combines a public and private cloud, by allowing data to be shared between them. This gives business the ability to easily scale their on-prem infrastructures to handle overflow as needed, and also to keep the most sensitive business-critical apps and data on-prem.

Getting the best data management strategy for your company — depending on how long it’s been in business and the volume of data — will likely involve a strategy that combines several public clouds and on premise data centers. Vigilant can help make sure your cloud strategy is the best for your business and its goals.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Consulting

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