Lift and Shift Migration Services

Modernize, Innovate & Adapt Your Workloads

Companies looking to modernize, innovate and adapt their workload and applications are bringing their landscapes to the cloud.

Known as a “lift and shift”, one of the most common ways to migrate an existing workload to the cloud is to take the workload as-is and run it on cloud-native resource. 

 Common Cloud Lift-and-Shift Use Cases Include

  • Reducing IT’s focus on underlying infrastructure and platforms to free up time for application modernization and innovation
  • Enable a mobile workforce and enhanced collaboration
    • The cloud offers unmatched availability, scalability, and agility of resources compared to on-premise deployments
  • Save money by only paying for usage
    • Alternative approach to replace end-of-life hardware/software
  • Ensure compliance and improve security management

The process, approach, and tools utilized to migrate workloads to the cloud varies on the intended cloud migration model; these migration methods include:

  • IaaS (rehost, replatform)
    • Moving an existing application or workload from on-prem deployment to a cloud-providers infrastructure. Allows for rehosting using lift and shift or an as-is migration approach.  A Lift-and-shift route poses the least risk of the three methods.
  • PaaS (refactor, rebuild)
    • Uses cloud-provider configured platform to run your applications code, requires application to be refactored or modernized, including sometimes having to rebuild an application from scratch.
  • SaaS (replace)
    • Replaces functionalities or components of an existing workload with a SaaS service obtained from a third party. Faster than PaaS, but still requires the adoption of new technology both from a technical perspective and a user perspective.
Cloud Migration Methods

IaaS – Lift & Shift

Requires consideration for the compute, storage and network requirements of the application or workload being migrated.  Why choose lift-and-shift?

  • Does not require application-level changes
  • Workloads requiring specialized hardware can be moved to specialized VMs in cloud
  • Allows for migration of on-prem identify service components
  • Provides for security and compliance management
  • Applications monitoring and management interfaces remain the same

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IaaS - Lift & Shift

When migrating to the cloud, a “lift-and-shift” approach provides the fastest, lowest-risk, and least expensive way to get there. But moving numerous workloads or complex databases can be challenging. Vigilant’s cloud migration experts can help you develop your cloud roadmap, determine the right cloud vendor for your needs, and help you execute your migration to the cloud.

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